Wednesday, February 16, 2011

San Antonio Postcard Souvenir

This vintage souvenir postcard portfolio has no printed date. It clearly precedes the advent of the now famous River Walk along the San Antonio River. I lived in San Antonio for awhile and loved the place, so I treasure this glimpse back to an earlier time.

The front of the portfolio features the Alamo, and the package is designed for easy mailing.

The back side reveals a pull out flap that opens the picture package. It is illustrated as well.

When you open a postcard portfolio, the many images unfold accordion-like. This one includes 22 colorful images of San Antonio. (Printed on both sides) (click to enlarge images, if you like) Many of the old buildings and missions shown here still stand today.




  1. Hi! That "Avatar", it's me!

    I like your old postcards. They are interesting and telling the time before us, I think. Here in Finland some persons are collecting old postcards, too, one of them is a finnish poet Risto Ahti. He asked me some cards I'v got from my mother's mother. I gave them all, I had, but it was very difficult to give,they were so important to me.

  2. Hopefully those cards will find their way into some creative expression by the poet. Maybe your mother's mother would be happy to know they are of interest to artists today.

  3. Quite a Texas collection, which confirms that everything is big there. A bit scary really, the military imagery, idealized colors. Not sure I want to step into that world...

  4. Well, that's ancient history, Owen. It's interesting though how we mythologize and 'colorize' the past.

  5. One of my favorite cities. Great photos.

  6. Yes, I always felt good when I was living in San Antonio for awhile.