Friday, February 4, 2011

No, Her Name Wasn't Joyce

You see, if you can put a girl in your ad, you can sell a guy just about anything. Have you ever wandered back into a machine shop, or a mechanic's garage? There is almost always a pin-up on the wall. And they almost always are somehow associated with a tool. I saw one recently of a gal in bib overalls, sans shirt. She was about to break out of that denim bib. Beneath it was the cautionary statement: "Warning. Top Heavy. Careful in Handling." In Tarentino's film, 'Jackie Brown' there is a scene where Samuel L. Jackson is showing Robert De Niro videos of girls in bikinis firing automatic weapons. At auto expos, girls scantily clad, sell cars. I saw a pin-up recently, of a 'hot chick' wielding a Stihl chainsaw. Call me perverse, if you like, but that saw looked like a big hard dick to me.

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