Monday, February 14, 2011


A good day to look back at a few couples of by-gone times.


  1. they make my heart break. (sometimes it is very difficult for me to look at old pictures, when there are people on them)

  2. Marvelous for Valentine's Day. Thank you for posting these. And now I wonder if they are people connected to you...
    I have a shot of my grandfather kissing my grandmother's cheek, and if I remember I will share it next Valentine's Day (maybe sooner).

    My favorite is the image of the two couples, the couple on the left clowning around and cracking up the couple on the right. I am always fascinated at how the power and fun of moments in the past can make their way to our hearts even centuries later.

  3. These are from a collection of old photos I have collected over the years. They provoke me to thinking about who they were, the times they lived in and so on. So, no Lydia, they are not from my family album. I think the shot of the two couples is amusing too. I would love to see the photo you mentioned.

    Roxana, yes, I think there is a certain emotional power in pictures such as these. I wonder sometimes how such pictures wind up in flea markets or such places. Was there no one left to care, to hold onto their own family history? And, I think too of how long ago the photo was taken, and whether these people are still on the earth anymore. Most likely not, since these images are around 80 years old. I find myself brooding somehow as I rummage through my collection, and yet, I am glad I have them, and strangely it seems an homage of sorts to people I never knew. A respect.

  4. Great photos.

    The photo with the couple walking into the frame from the left is my favorite. There is a Dan's Myth story there waiting to be told.

  5. I like it too, Dee. Seems like in a lot of early photographs people posed rather stiffly, and were somewhat stern in appearance. But, here you see some wonderful light-heartedness.