Sunday, January 23, 2011

Three Photos from the Early 1900s

I bought a bundle of large format negatives at a flea market, and upon studying them, they appeared to be shots taken while on a road trip across America. In some, a family was depicted in mountains and snow, in others, among palm trees, and so on. I will post some more of these soon. Meanwhile, here are a few examples that suggest the early 1900s. (Click on image to enlarge. Click again for even closer detail.)

A well dressed woman of the day.

A young girl poses with a bouquet of flowers.

A woman with a distinctive style of dress poses behind an early roadster convertible. They were riding in style! Note the flag. If I am not mistaken, it is an early Canton flag depicting a random array of stars on the blue field.


  1. i like this new blog very much, and your idea is both interesting and touching, it touches my heart in a very deep and tender way, that you have kept all these images, so many years, and now you make the effort of sharing them with us...

    and i love old photographs, there is a melancholy sense of time and loss which always makes my heart ache when i look at them.

    you bought a bundle of old negatives!!! how exciting this must be, i can only imagine! do you know this story?

    i have just come across it, and it totally blew me away!

  2. Hi Roxana. Yes, it was alway such a profound thing to stumble onto lost photos that somehow got away from their source. I look at them a lot. People I don't know, nor will never know. Each face is a mystery. I didn't know the story of Vivian. Thanks for that link. Quite amazing. Her shots were so great, too.